Our advantages at a glance


At Chipta, we strive to offer the lowest service fees for you as an organizer. The good news? As an event planner, you can use our services for free, while your attendees only pay a modest service fee. This way, we keep the costs as low as possible for both you and your visitors, allowing you to fully enjoy the success of your event without worrying about high expenses. Discover the advantages of cost-conscious organizing with Chipta!

Weekly payout

You will be paid within a week after the application. So you never have to wait long for your money.

Freedom without obligations!

We believe in the freedom of choice. That's why the use of our services is always completely non-binding. No contracts to tie you down, just the flexibility to decide what's best for you and your event. Discover the freedom to plan without worries and take advantage of our services on your own terms!

Payment convenience for everyone!

Offer your visitors a variety of payment options worldwide in your ticket shop. From iDeal and Bancontact to PayPal and Credit Card – your customers will find the payment method that suits them best. With these diverse options, we make the checkout process smooth and accessible to a broad audience. Get ready for a global ticketing experience that includes everyone.

A ticketshop that suits you

Do you want your own ticket shop on your website? That's no problem with us! Design a ticket shop that seamlessly aligns with your brand and effortlessly integrates it into your website. At Chipta, we believe in the power of adaptability, giving you ultimate control over the appearance and functionality of your ticket sales platform. Make an impression with a ticket shop that is not only efficient but also perfectly complements the aesthetics of your brand.

Tailored to Your Needs

Do you have specific requests for your ticket shop or dashboard? At Chipta, we're ready to brainstorm and meet your unique needs. Feel free to reach out to us and discover the possibilities for customized features that will elevate your ticket sales. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we look forward to turning your ideas into reality.

Powerful Insights at Your Fingertips

Explore comprehensive statistics on our dashboard that provide insights into the progress of your ticket sales. But that's not all – we also offer the possibility to gather additional information from your attendees. Personalize your statistics by requesting supplementary data and seamlessly integrate it into your overview. With Chipta, ticket sales go beyond numbers; it's a fully personalized experience to make your event a success!

Online events

Effortlessly sell tickets for your digital gatherings with Chipta, whether they are creative Zoom workshops, engaging lectures, or other online events. In just moments, bring your online event to life through smooth ticket sales. Take advantage of our simple and efficient service to optimize your digital experience and reach your audience. Starting your online event has never been quicker and easier.

Discover the handy Chipta Scan app

Optimize access control for your event with our user-friendly scan app, available for both Android and iOS. Quickly and effortlessly scan your attendees' tickets. Additionally, the app provides the option to manually look up and register visitors, making it the perfect companion for a flawless event.

Explore a treasure trove of free expertise

In our team, you'll find not only expertise in ticket sales but also a profound knowledge of events in all their facets. If you have questions or find yourself stuck, don't hesitate to contact us. We're ready to help and brainstorm with you

Many organizations preceded you!

Not surprising of course. With our lightning-fast communication, wide range of options and the lowest service costs on the market, the choice is quickly made. Thanks to the many options, simple layout, and attention to the smallest details, you can easily set up your own ticketshop.

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