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The low cost ticketing service, providing free scanners and the best service.
No fixed contract, retention based on satisfaction.

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Start your presale instantly

With Chipta you get your presale up and running in no time. Sell through your website, Facebook page, on smartphones, tablets or PCs.

The best deal in the market

We'll give you the best deal on the market. Our service is free for organizers and your visitors pay the lowest fee in the market: €0,50 (excl. VAT)!

Some of our unique benefits:

  • Only €0,50 service fee per ticket (excl. VAT).

  • Ticket sales through a modern ticket shop.

  • Comprehensive statistics of your ticket sales.

  • Free support from our staff.

“Providing effortless presales comes naturally to us.”

Michaël de Groot, Chipta founder

We're all about client satisfaction

Using our services is always without obligations and you are not bound by a contract. Treating our customers with respect is one of our key priorities.

Some of our clients:

Our clients

Our service

When using our systems you'll get free support from our staff. Also we're happy to customize our systems to your needs.

What our clients say about us:

We benefit from an outstanding service and our customers from the lowest service fees.

Alexander van der Meer, Canvas, Amsterdam

Your personal Ticket Shop

You'll sell your tickets from a customized Ticket Shop which works on smartphones, tablets and PCs. You can integrate the Ticket Shop in your website or Facebook page, or you can place a direct link. At last your visitors can order their tickets in an easy and convenient way.

Here is a live demo of the Ticketshop:

Desktop Mobile Tablet

Open example

A smooth visitor flow at the entrance

With the help of our free scanners you can effortlessly scan the tickets of your visitors. Tickets don't necessarily have to be printed out; they can also be scanned from the visitor's smartphone.

We'll support you with our knowledge and experience

Every organizer will be guided by our expert staff to make the presales of your event as successful as possible.

Together we will create a successful event

We believe that good collaboration is the key to a successful event, that's why we always make an effort to make our collaborations as pleasant as possible.

  1. Michaël de Groot
    Michaël de Groot
    Founder, Developer, Support
  2. Rik Wanders
    Rik Wanders
    Developer, Support
  3. Dirk-Jan Winnubst
    Dirk-Jan Winnubst
    Developer, Support
  4. Obadiah Kusi
    Obadiah Kusi
  5. Boris van der Hoff
    Boris van der Hoff
    Account management, Accountancy

Chipta in a nutshell

  • Only €0,50 service fee per ticket (excl. VAT).
  • Ticket sales through a modern ticket shop.
  • Comprehensive statistics of your ticket sales.
  • All scanners for use at the entrance are free.
  • You are not bound by a contract.
  • Free support from our staff.
  • You'll be paid out within a week of your request.